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Leserfrage: Apps / Programme umgehen Pi-hole – wie verhindern?

Eine weitere Leserfrage lautet wie folgt: Mit Pi-hole lassen sich DNS-basierte Abfragen im heimischen Netzwerk filtern. Wie sieht es aber aus, wenn Geräte/Programme direkt mit einer IP-Adresse kommunizieren? Welche Möglichkeiten zur Kontrolle dieses Daten…

via Kuketz IT-Security Blog May 22, 2020
Status update, May 2020

Hello, future readers! I am writing to you from one day in the past. I finished my plans for today early and thought I’d get a head start on writing the status updates for tomorrow, or rather, for today. From your reference frame, that is. Let’s start with W…

via Drew DeVault's Blog May 15, 2020
Repair your Fedora's (EFI) GRUB Bootloader

It happened again - this time on my Fedora machine! I ended up with a laptop that won’t boot after some package changes. Last time that happened was ~ 4 years ago when Arch Linux could not decrypt my main partitions due to some changes on a crypto library…

via May 14, 2020

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