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Wie Banken Online-Banking durch Apps unsicher machen

1. App-Zwang Online-Banking auf dem Smartphone ist generell keine gute Idee. Grund dafür sind nicht zwangsläufig die Banking-Apps, sondern die Update-Politik der Smartphone-Hersteller, die irreführende Werbung der Banken und das naive Verhalten der Kunden…

via Kuketz IT-Security Blog July 9, 2019
Announcing code annotations for SourceHut

Today I’m happy to announce that code annotations are now available for SourceHut! These allow you to decorate your code with arbitrary links and markdown. The end result looks something like this: SourceHut is the “hacker’s forge”, a 100% open-source pl…

via Drew DeVault's Blog July 8, 2019
LXD: Prefer IPv6 addresses for outgoing connections

If you follow my Mastodon account, you might know that I like IPv6 very much. I’m trying to do my best to offer all my services via the new IP protocol. Lately I was investigating the use of IPv6 in my server network. Unfortunately the result was quite di…

via June 3, 2019

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